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The Zirkon Human Art Lab, devoted to Aesthetic Dental Medicine, is proud to provide the best to each client, in terms of customer care and service. The Zirkon Human Art Lab is known for people who want to look younger and display their smile with confidence, we build a tailored smile for each patient, taking into account their gender, lifestyle and ethnicity, since even the most subtle difference in dental size, shape, texture and color can influence their overall appearance.

Joana Vaz


My name is Joana Vaz and I have a degree in Dental Prosthetics from Escola Superior de Saúde Egas Moniz.

I’m part of the Zirkon Human Art team, which is a laboratory at the forefront of aesthetics.

My role is to take responsibility for the success of our work, supervising it and protecting the quality of services, both in Fixed and Cad/Cam Prostheses and Removable Prostheses.

My main role in the lab is the conception and fabrication of ceramic structures, following strict and well-structured protocols.

This area is wide-ranging and requires plenty of practice, since the techniques are not always the same and involve constant technologic evolution. The technician who conducts them must always be properly prepared.

I always try to be on the front line, acquiring new knowledge and applying it practically, so I believe I’m a differentiated professional, whose training includes the following specializations:

  • Practical course Zirlux – Aesthetic Characterization on Zirconium, Henry Schein Lisboa (2015);
  • Course with certificate of manipulation of milling materials, Oralplan, Digital Dental Training Center (2016);
  • Theoretical-practical course on Total Acrylic Rehabilitation, José Maria Fonollosa (2018);
  • Master Degree in Aesthetic Rehabilitation with August Bruguera, Dental Training Center, Barcelona (2019);

The skill and professionalism that define me are the outcomes of my work and dedication for Dental Prosthetics and my main goal is to provide the best product, with quality, functionality and aesthetics, that our laboratory can offer.

Sandro Sousa

Técnico de Prótese