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At ZirkonHumanArt we look at each case individually and we are inspired by nature to achieve a proper planning of each case, while ensuring a natural and aesthetic balance. The number one challenge of modern aesthetic dentistry is to adapt dental changes to the age of each patient in order to restore beauty and give the patient a natural and harmonious smile.

To achieve this goal, we must begin with a professional photographic record of each patient. The correct photographic record and proper planning of each case allow our technicians to be equipped with an individualized and advanced knowledge, making sure that they can combine naturalness, light, color and function in each treatment, resulting in top-notch aesthetics and functionality.

Our lab has a photographic studio that can be used by each doctor to professionally conduct the photographic registration of their patients, followed by professionals with vast knowledge in intra-oral and extra-oral photography.

We create balanced dental restorations taking into account the patient’s facial characteristics and personality.

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